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Awaed Rings the Nasdaq Opening Bell, Signaling New Horizons for Saudi Investors

Scene Investments, a leader in driving impactful investments across diverse sectors, proudly celebrates the groundbreaking achievement of Awaed, its pioneering Saudi digital investment platform. Awaed recently rang the Nasdaq Opening Bell at Times Square, marking a momentous occasion that unlocked new opportunities for Saudi investors.

Unlocking U.S. Markets:

Led by Scene Investments’ Co-founder Sultan H. Ghaznawi, this historic event symbolizes a new era of access for Saudi investors. Awaed’s platform now empowers them to directly participate in the U.S. stock market, previously an inaccessible arena. This achievement garnered significant attention, with millions tuning in via television broadcasts, highlighting the transformative impact of Awaed’s innovation.

Global Recognition, Local Impact:

The impact of this achievement extends beyond the ceremony itself. Renowned financial news platforms like CNBC, Fox Business, Bloomberg, and BNN showcased Awaed’s success, solidifying its presence on the international stage. This global recognition underscores Scene Investments’ commitment to supporting innovative ventures that empower local communities and foster financial inclusion.

Scene Investments: Championing Innovation:

Scene Investments recognizes the pivotal role of innovation in driving economic growth and empowering individuals. This milestone achievement by Awaed exemplifies our commitment to supporting groundbreaking ventures that unlock new possibilities. Scene Investments continues to champion innovation and pave the way for a brighter financial future for Saudi Arabia. Stay tuned for more exciting developments as we propel the future of finance, together.